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Content Marketing
Conversations and Communication

There’s no more effective way to build a relationship with your customers than through good communication, and content marketing is key to this. Nothing new or complicated, content marketing is just a way of talking to your customers rather than at them. At EL89 we can help you start the conversation by creating relevant and engaging articles, videos, infographics or GIFs, and distributing these across a range of social media and other platforms.

A shift from traditional advertising methods, content marketing isn’t about the hard sell, it’s about creating content that educates and interests your audience. It can be used to show rather than tell your customers about what you do and how they can benefit from this, and more and more companies are increasing their investment into this area because it is showing such great returns.

No matter the medium, what we offer is high quality content that has the power to make an impression. Not only does our content provide information, it helps to generate interest and sales, and most importantly it allows your customers to connect with you.